24 countries ready for the main round – eight to play the President’s Cup

Photo: IHF

The 2023 IHF Women’s World Championship started last week. It has been a week filled with exciting and interesting matches, and now it is clear which countries have advanced to the main round and which countries will compete in the President’s Cup.

24 of 32 countries have advanced from the preliminary group stage to the main round. Eight countries have topped their group with six points, which is the maximum. These eight countries are Sweden, Montenegro, Norway, France, Denmark, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.

The main round began yesterday, where Ukraine and the Czechia faced each other in the first main round match, which ended 23-30 in favor of the Czechia.

In Trondheim, the match between South Korea and Slovenia took place, with Slovenia winning 27-31.

Countries from groups G and H, which have played all their preliminary matches in Frederikshavn, will continue to play their main round matches there. Countries like the Netherlands and Spain, who both won their respective groups, will compete in Frederikshavn.

In Trondheim, countries from groups C and D will play their main round matches. These two groups have played all their preliminary matches in Stavanger. Norway and France are among the countries that will be in action in Trondheim.

The main round matches in groups A and B will be played in Gothenburg. Here, countries like Montenegro and Sweden will give it their all to advance to the quarterfinals.

These countries will play in the President’s Cup

The President’s Cup is a placement tournament in the IHF Women’s World Championship, where the fourth-ranked countries in each group compete after the preliminary group stage. In total, eight countries will play in the President’s Cup, and Arena Nord in Frederikshavn will host all the matches.

Yesterday, Kazakhstan and Congo kicked off the President’s Cup in an intense match, which ended 36-37 in favor of Congo.

The President’s Cup is divided into two groups. Group one consists of China, Paraguay, Greenland, and Iceland. Group two consists of Kazakhstan, Congo, Chile, and Iran.


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