Bottles and cans for a good cause

Photo: Danish Handball Association

During the IHF Women’s World Championship 2023, spectators in Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, will be able to donate bottles and cans with the Danish deposit mark to support children’s wellbeing.

The Danish national teams are ambassadors for Julemærkehjemmene, a Danish organisation working for children’s wellbeing. Due to a collaboration between the Danish Handball Association, MCH A/S and Dansk Retursystem, spectators in Jyske Bank Boxen will be able to donate bottles and cans with the Danish deposit mark to Julemærkehjemmene.

Every year, around 1,000 children who are unhappy, bullied, lonely or don’t believe that they are good enough receive help from Julemærkehjemmene. Here, they become part of a community and strengthen their self-esteem.

– We are very pleased with this collaboration, which allows us to collect bottles and cans for the benefit of Julemærkehjemmene and all the children who are helped to improve their well-being. With this collaboration, we can support the work of Julemærkehjemmene and at the same time handle the bottles and cans in the arena in a responsible way, says Ann Lykke Davidsen, Head of Communication, Marketing and Sustainability at DanskHåndbold.

Also, MCH A/S who runs Jyske Bank Boxen and Dansk Retursystem are pleased with the collaboration:

– The combination of a long-standing good partnership and a really good cause means that we naturally, and with great pleasure support the Danish Handball Association’s collaboration with Julemærkehjemmene. We hope that many bottles and cans will be donated to support the children, says Georg Sørensen, CEO at MCH A/S.

– We all get a little bigger when we return our bottles and cans, so that there are recycled into new ones. This means that less CO2 is emitted, and that new packaging is not produced. And when the deposit goes to a good cause, the Danish deposit system benefits in several ways, explains Anne-Mette Bundgaard, Head of Communications and Branding at Dansk Retursystem.

The initiative involves the Danish deposit system, through which empty bottles and cans become new ones when they are collected and recycled. In 2022, 2.0 billion bottles and cans in Denmark were handed in to the Danish deposit system.


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