Danish host cities provide homemade gifts

The 26th IHF Women’s World Championship is finally starting tomorrow with a match between Brazil and Ukraine in one of the two Danish host cities, Frederikshavn. But the handball fever has been noticeable in Denmark for a long time as preparations for the World Championships have been going for several months.

Both host cities in Denmark have gone all in on making homemade gifts for the many players competing at the 26th IHF Women’s World Championship.

Frederikshavn Municipality hosted the world’s largest knitting café, where 365 participants gathered to create homemade World Championship beanies for all the handball players, who will be competing in the city.

Children from the local schools were also involved in the project. They helped making many of the colorful pom-poms that adorn the beautiful beanies.

In addition to homemade beanies, the players competing in Frederikshavn will also receive a welcome message from Mayor of Frederikshavn Municipality, Birgit S. Hansen.

Players from the Danish national handball team, who will be playing all their matches in the Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, will also be welcomed with homemade World Championship beanies and greetings. The same goes for the Greenlandic national team, which will be playing all their preliminary matches in Norway.

Old banners get a new purpose

In Herning Municipality, they also want to give a gift to all the World Championship players coming to the city to compete. It is important for the municipality that the gift has a story behind it.

Therefore, they came up with the idea of transforming old banners from previous events into tote bags. This way, the old events get to live on in a new event says Elo Christensen, who is the sports and event manager at Herning Municipality. Around 600 tote bags have been created.

The old banners have been hanging at both the European Handball Championship and the Equestrian World Championship in Jyske Bank Boxen, and now they will serve a new purpose that all the World Championship players will benefit from.

However, the players will not receive an empty tote bag. Inside the bag, there will be a knitted dishcloth with a World Championship motif. The dishcloth were knitted according to an old standard on a knitting machine at the Herning Textile Museum.

Help from volunteers

The many tote bags would not have become a reality without all the volunteers that have been cutting and sewing them. Herning Municipality has received help from students and a sewing community.

The same goes for the dishcloths. They would not have been created without the volunteers at the Herning Textile Museum, who have knitted a beautiful and highly usable dishcloth.

The Women’s Handball World Championship 2023 kicks off on November 29 and concludes with an exciting final in Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning on December 17. Don’t miss out on the handball celebration and buy your tickets for the various matches here.


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