Ib from Frederikshavn garners massive support for the Greenlandic national team

Tonight, the two Nordic nations, Greenland and Iceland, will clash in the President’s Cup in Frederikshavn.  From the stands, Greenland will receive massive support, because of 71-year-old Ib from Frederikshavn.

The Greenlandic handball team can expect significant backing when they will play the President’s Cup at Arena Nord. In the President’s Cup, teams compete for places from 25 to 32, and all matches are played in Arena Nord, until Wednesday, December 13th.

Even though the Greenlanders have taken heavy defeats in the first games at the 2023 IHF Women’s World Championship, there is great interest in watching them play, especially from Greenlanders residing in various parts of Denmark. Several hundred Greenlanders have reserved tickets – and the explanation for this great interest is currently going around cleaning the floor in Arena Nord.

Why? His name is Ib. Ib Kristensen, a 71-year-old retiree, who now lives right behind Arena Nord. Ib lived in Greenland for 48 years, from 1975 until April this year, and thus has a large network among Greenlanders. And tonight, Ib will have created a genuine home ground feeling for the Greenlandic team.


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