Local Celebration of the 2023 IHF Women’s World Championship: Homemade Hats and #aimtoexcite

Photo: Martin Nielsen

Frederikshavn showed its most welcoming side as one of the host cities for the IHF Women’s World Championship. The city’s unique approach to hosting created a warm and festive atmosphere that resonates far beyond the handball court’s boundaries.

A distinctive feature of Frederikshavn’s hosting was the homemade beanies, an initiative taken by local knitting cafes. The blue beanies with multicolored pompoms became not just a symbol of hospitality but also a warm welcome to fans and players from around the world.

“It has been very impressive to follow the support for the IHF Women’s World Championship in Frederikshavn. Both from the spectators and especially from the hundreds of volunteers who have made a decisive effort to integrate such a large event. You can all be proud of the way in which you, Frederikshavn Municipality, and Arena Nord have helped to put both North Jutland and all Danish Handball on the world map in recent weeks,” said a grateful Morten Stig Christensen, president of the Danish Handball Association.

The mayor of Frederikshavn, Birgit S. Hansen, stated: “We are pleased to have been a part of this fantastic world championship. Our municipality has really shown what we can achieve when we work together and welcome the world with open arms. Together with the Danish Handball Association, and Sport Event Denmark, we have knitted a good pitch for the 14 nations we have hosted.”

The CEO of Sport Event Denmark strongly agreed with the chairman and mayor:

“Over the past weeks, Frederikshavn has become FrederiksHOME for all the nations playing in the IHF Women’s World Championship. The city and the Danish Handball Association created a festive setting for the preliminary rounds, where teams, media, and visiting fans were received with the special North Jutland hospitality. The blue, homemade hats became the epitome of this hospitable warmth.”

Overall, the IHF Women’s World Championship attracted thousands of spectators to Arena Nord in Frederikshavn, underlining the city’s ability to host international sporting events and create memorable experiences for participants, visitors, and the many volunteers who contributed to lifting the World Championship hosting.


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