Quarterfinalists are ready

Photo: IHF

The main round is over, and eight teams are now ready to play the quarterfinals. These eight teams are France, Norway, Netherlands, Czechia, Sweden, Montenegro, Denmark and Germany, who all played phenomenal to reach the quarterfinals. Now they are ready to give it their all on the field to advance to the semifinals.

The quarterfinals begin tomorrow in Trondheim, Norway, where a match between France and Czechia awaits. It became clear after France secured victory over Norway yesterday in a close and exciting match, which ended 24-23 in favor of France. The match was crucial in determining which of the two teams would finish at the top of group two.

France tops the group with 10 points, while Norway finishes with 8 points. Therefore, Norway will now face the Netherlands, who tops group four with 10 points after defeating Spain yesterday in a match that ended 29-21.

It was a battle for the second place in group four, as three teams were in contention to advance to the quarterfinals alongside the Netherlands. Spain, Czechia, and Brazil all ended with 6 points. Therefore, the head-to-head matches between these three teams had to be considered. It didn’t make things easier as all three teams had lost a match to each other.

Hence, the goal difference between the three teams had to determine who among them would travel to Trondheim to play in the quarterfinals. Czechia has the best goal difference, and as a result, they are now ready to face France for a place in the semifinals.

In group one, Sweden finishes at the top with 10 points after they won 25-32 against Montenegro. They will therefore meet the second-placed team from group three, which is Germany with 8 points.

Denmark won 28-30 against Germany and therefore they will face Montenegro, who placed second in group one with 6 points.

The quarterfinal between Sweden and Germany will be played in Herning on Wednesday, and the same goes for the quarterfinal between Montenegro and Denmark.


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