Swedish DJ behind the official championship song

‘Aiming for number one’ is the title of this year’s official song for the IHF Women’s World Championship, which will be held in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The Swedish gold-certified DJ and producer Wahlstedt is the mastermind behind the song.

The 26th IHF Women’s World Championship is just around the corner, and today we present the official championship song that all handball fans can dance and sing along to. The male Swedish DJ and producer Wahlstedt is the creator of the song, which you can begin listening to from today right here.

The song has been produced in a unique manner to provide the listener with a different audio experience. Among other things, Wahlstedt has used a surprising element by employing a so-called “ghost vocal” for the female voice in the song. This “ghost vocal” serves as a musical instrument, and it’s not a live artist singing, but rather Wahlstedt himself, who is the producer and artist of the song.

A modern sound and sports spirit

Wahlstedt was chosen to produce the official championship song because he is an artist who can combine his passion for modern sound and sports to create a catchy tune.

This is not the first time Wahlstedt has been behind an official championship song. Back in 2020 he wrote and produced the official song for the EHF Men’s European Championship titled ‘All for us.’

“Wahlstedt’s connection to the world of sports is not new, and his previous experiences have given him a unique understanding of what works in a sports arena. He has his finger on the pulse of what it takes to create a true arena anthem, and his musical style is perfect for producing a song that evokes the unique energy that defines major sports events,” says Peter Vikström, Executive Event Producer of the 26th IHF Women’s World Championship.

The sound of a championship

It has been crucial for Wahlstedt to produce a song that encapsulates the entire feeling of both watching and being at a world championship. At the same time, it should stand out from other modern songs played during the tournament. Right from the first seconds of the song, you get the sense of the intensity, nervousness, and excitement of a handball game, which aligns well with the championship’s slogan: ‘Aim to excite.’

The recognizable melody and pulsating tempo of the song create the perfect atmosphere for the listener, where you quickly get the feeling of what all the countries are aiming for: to come out on top of the victory podium, as the song’s title ‘Aiming for number one’ also suggests.

The 26th IHF Women’s World Championship kicks off on November 29th and concludes with a thrilling finale in Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, Denmark on December 17th.

You can still purchase tickets for all of the venues right here.


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