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Over 2.000 names have been proposed from all the followers, on Denmark, Sweden, and Norway’s SoMe channels for mascot naming competition. It came down to 3 names in the end – Vilje, Aimee and Freya.

Over 2.200 visited the website and voted, and in the end Vilje was the absolute most popular name.

“Willingness to win”, “The will to succeed” and “Willingness to Excite” is some of the things that Vilje, the Scandinavian name, will stand for and is an absolute perfect match for the championship.

The three winners of 2 x tickets for a match day of your own choosing (Preliminary or Main round), has been contacted directly on e-mail. Go check out if you are on of the lucky ones!

Welcome to our team Vilje. We hope that you, with your strong new name, will sprinkle some glitter, happy times, golden moments, and excitement upon us all during the championship.


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Competiton has ended. Check the results on statistics page.


Upcoming matches

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